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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG 4.0.3 Released to Android Market

A new release of Star Traders RPG has been sent to the Android Market:

v4.0.3 - 10/19/2011
  • Reduced Combat AI for Bounty Hunter
  • Reduced Combat AI for Military Officer
  • Working to Improved 4.0 Combat System
  • 7 New Ships
  • Rear Carrier, Spike Class, Redesigned Flagship Carrier
  • New Elite Versions of: Crossbow, Longbow, Revers
  • New Rim Freighter + New type of Merchant AI
  • Fixed Ship Description Strings
  • Improve Contract Pricing
  • More Weapons / Artifacts on Smuggler Ships


  1. The consistent updates are what impresses me most about this game. I'm always excited when I see that there are app updates available, hoping that Star Traders will be included :)

  2. and gotta say, im usually impressed that--it is!


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