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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault v0.1.1 Released to Android Market

The Trese Brothers are proud to announce our newest Star Trader themed release to the Android Market:

Templar Assault!

v0.1.1 - 10/28/2011
  • New Release
  • Play for Free, Ad Free
  • Interactive Tutorial Map & Squad
  • Features first Campaign: Rift of Larudhu
  • 2 "Rapid Deployment" Maps for quick play
  • Current has 11 Levels


  1. justin - it is literally posted 5 minutes ago. i have just found it on the market. I think... be patient. It will hopefully show for you within 30 minutes!

    I know its hard... I want to massacre the xenos too!

  2. Sorry -- try refreshing the blog post.

    I had a bad link in there for a minute.

    So new I forgot the name ;)

  3. Also, see it here:

  4. The new link worked, haha.

    What can I say, when it comes to the ST Universe, I NEED IT NOW!!! :)

  5. You never know WHO your Captain is dropping off on those Fringe worlds. Now you can find out about some of the most fearsome passengers in the Quadrant -- the Templars.


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