Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cyber Knights RPG v0.4.7 Released

The newest release of Cyber Knights RPG is now on the Android Market:

  • Smooth Walking + Option to Turn it Off
  • New Custom Button Look
  • Improved 6 Map Zones
  • More Realistic Death Effects
  • Combat v2.0 Math Updates
  • Matrix v2.0 Math Updates
  • Improved Contract Results
  • 100 New Hatrix Hosts
  • Improved Media Performance
  • New Zoom Levels on Main Map
Coming Soon:
  • Fixes Typos / Help File Improved
  • New Job Type: Data Courier Jobs
  • New Job Type: Hack Matrix Host
  • New Job Type: Plant Device
  • New Job Type: Threaten Target
  • New Job Type: Negotiate Deal

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