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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Runners!

Cyber Knight, a new era is coming.  The quiet war between the mega-corporations is growing.  The street violence among the gangs and NBZ warlords is rising.  

The need for Cyber Knights is higher than ever.  But the risk and the requirements come with it.  These aren't the jobs you used to run.  The streets are getting meaner, the well is getting deeper, and you're going to need some friends to help you get in and get out alive.

You can't rely on those one-timer gang-boys.  They have their uses--but if you are going to really take on the mantle of a Cyber Knight, you are going to need to hire long-term contributors.  Skilled hit-men, street urchins, pit fighters, wiz kids and hackers.  Who will you choose?

[ Runners will be featured in a near-term release of the Android RPG -- Cyber Knights RPG!  Get in on the gritty, futuristic action in the New Boston Zone now! ]


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