Star Traders RPG v4.0.9 Released

The newest release of Star Traders RPG features a BUNCH of new ships and new ship artwork:

v4.0.9 - 11/9/2011
  • ELITE: Now with 250 Ships
  • 5 Never Before Seen Icons in ELITE
  • Ship Designs Update Part I
  • NEW: Omega Battlecruiser, Callidus Cruiser, Judgement Class, Exeter Vector, Exeter Lifter, Paladin Lifter, Deathbringer, Predator, Line Cruiser, Dreadnought MK3
  • New Double Exile Spice Hive (!!!)
  • Changed Ship Art for 21 Designs
  • 15 new exemplar ship variants
  • Fixes Crash Reports
  • Updates Main Menu


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