Star Traders RPG v4.1.3 Released to Android Market

The newest release of our flagship space trading RPG, Star Traders, has been posted to the Android Market:

v4.1.3 - 11/21/2011
  • Fixed 1 Menu Crashed
  • More Menu Tweaks
  • Ten New Ship Designs
  • 6 New Smuggler Ships
  • 4 New Savage Pirate Ships
  • Accuracy Improvements in Fuel Calc
  • Ram Damage Lowered on Lower Difficulties
  • More Torpedoes During Military Surplus
  • Options to configure XP toast up to 200
  • Options to turn off operational toasts
A milestone for ST RPG fans and developers -- with the v4.1.3 release Elite now has 300+ unique ship designs (302 to be exact.) Combine that with thousand of upgrade combinations for massive replay-ability!


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