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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault: Pro Tips

Here are some strategy tips that the team has been compiling here as we try to beat the upcoming campaigns and skirmish maps on Hard and Brutal difficulty levels!

  • First Rule - Never Fall Behind.
  • Second Rule - Never Leave a Templar Behind
  • Third Rule - Keep your captain close to your squad.  This is so he can use his new special ability--Command, to give additional CP to nearby squad members.
  • Fourth Rule - rely on your soldier's defensive abilities.  In the next upcoming release, a Templar soldier on defense can often fire multiple times without spending his remaining CP.  Therefore, a CP stored for defense is more valuable than a CP spent on offense!
  • Fifth Rule - Never let a xeno form close to your squad at the beginning of their turn.  In a single turn, a xeno form can slaughter your strongest warrior, even your captain, from 5 health to dead!
  • Sixth Rule - Watch your ammo like a hawk.  Conserve when you can.  Always use your Force Sword over your Light Leviathan.  Calculate how many heavy rounds you will need to clear the distance to your goal.  Against the fast and agile xenos, your Leviathan Gauntlets are clumsy and slow, if strong.

Got pro tips of your own to share?

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