Templar Assault v0.1.7 Released to Android Market

Our newest game, Templar Assault has an update available on the Android Market!

If you loved the game Space Hulk as a kid (like we did) you might want to try out Templar Assault. A must for fans of the Star Traders game Templar Assault allows you to take control of an elite boarding crew and fight hand to hand against the vile Alien.

Try Templar Assault now for free: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.tresebrothers.games.templars

v0.1.7 - 11/7/2011
  • New Alien Blood
  • New Alien Death
  • Templar Blood!
  • Alien Attack Icon
  • Fixes Alien Facing
  • Improves Help File
  • Fixes Change Level Button
  • Fixes some Map Bugs
  • Improved Media Performance
Alien Blood is Purple, Templar Blood is Red!


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