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Templar Assault v0.2.11 Released to Android Market

Try our new turn based tactical role playing (RPG) game for your Android phone:

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta game.

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.2.11 - 11/30/2011
  • New Elite Skirmish Level
  • Added Captain Animation
  • Fixed Map Performance
  • Fixed Reported Typos
  • Improved Small Screens
  • Big V3 Update Coming Soon!


  1. Even if you add many diferent weapons and so on, this game will still have a BIG problem IMHO.
    The coridors in spacehulk are two square large, so you can put 2 warriors side by side.
    It's an inportant part of the strategy, choose 2 wariors that will paired well. And, this also mean that you can be surounded, and you can leave one warrrior at the back and make the others one go in front.

    But, in Templar Assault, the corridor are only 1 square large, so the man in front will have to stay in front for ever. All other are useless because they can't help (fire...), or go in front, or what ever.

    Really, why have you made the corridor so small ?

    If you change this and, off course, add lot's of things (many differents weapons, armors and aliens), this game can become awesome :)

  2. @french-guy - thanks for the comments. The maps are all built differently. If you play Elite, you will see a second campaign that features wider corridors, even more open space.

    Also, in a hallway, you can use the Templar phalanx fire to allow your second Templar to fire past the first.

    Pairing is still an extremely important strategy in Templar. As shared here, I think it is critical part of being able to beat the hardest levels on really high difficulties. (

    We appreciate the feedback! Vae Victus, Templar!

  3. Well, we very well may have played different versions of Space Hulk. Maybe the version launched in France had two wide hallways?

    If you look at this Space Hulk pages:

    The hallways are all one wide. I love that level, played it may times as a kid. I think this was my first space hulk game but it wouldn't be last. I would play big maps, little maps, hulk maps and then on to 40K.

    Taking the first few campaigns as an indicator of some type of "hallway rule" is too short sighted for us. Like Andrew said, the mapping system is very flexible.

    Also, IMO as a professional game designer, you are missing some of the inherent challenges of the TA ruleset -- Phalax fire, scout moves, re-arm and others.

    TA is NOT Space Hulk. The rules, the tactics and the overall game design have core mechanical differences. I am just glad that so many players seem to see and embrace that.


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