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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault v0.2.5 Released to Android Market

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v0.2.5 - 11/23/2011
  • Fixes Xeno AI Bugs
  • Improved % to Critical Equation
  • Updated Moons Levels
  • New Skirmish Level for Elite
  • Balanced 'Hold the Gates' Level
  • Improved Briefing Files
  • Fixed Reported Crashes from Market
  • More Fixes for "Familiar Ground"
  • Improved Skirmish Select Menu


  1. Hi, I really like TA, but have two feature requests that would make it much much better for me.

    1. Make each unit in my squad a different color. This lets me develop mapping between color and name and position on the map. Makes is so much easier to play, since otherwise I have to click through each of the 3 nameplates. It also will have a greater impact when the squad member takes damage or dies.

    2. Save game halfway through the level not just before the level. I play at work in downtimes, I often have like 5 minutes at most, so if I can't get all the way through the level, I have to restart every time. Simple resume feature would be soooo helpful.

  2. @stark - thanks for the comments. We are actually working on both of these already. We aren't going to provide different color marines, as your squad will become too much of a rainbow, but we are working on differentiated sprites that will make each character / portrait noticeably different.

    The saved game is a technical hurdle for us to get over, but it will eventually bubble up in priority high enough that we will handle it. This one will probably be a while before we get there, but will become more important as the levels keep getting longer and more involved.


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