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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG Elite v0.6.1 Released

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v0.6.1 - 11/30/2011
  • Fixed Reported Crashes
  • 3 New Monsters: Alpha Hunds
  • New High XP Combats (30 New)
  • Balanced Some Monster Stats
  • Fixed Sniper Weapons
  • Back Room Icon Added
  • Fixed Min/Max Rep Bugs with Staff
  • Added Character Class / Credits to Menus
  • Updated Runner Hire Dialogs
  • Fixed Combat Blade Cyberware Equip
  • Fixed Glove Equip
  • Fixed Recruit Counting on Dead Runners
  • Added "Crash Out" if you have $0 go to a cheap hotel
  • Improved Character List Sorting
  • Fixed Hostile Sprite Display and Map Zoom
  • Fixed Two Music "Cut Out" Bugs
  • Fixed 3 Reported Crashes with Back Rooms
  • Fixed Maximum Rep On 3 Contacts
  • Drug Use By Alternate Characters Does NOT Remove Main Character Exhaustion
  • Improved Random Monster Balance
  • Fixed Crash with PersonaFix and Initial Runner XP


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