Star Traders RPG v4.2.0 Released to Android Market

A new release of Star Traders RPG is now available for download:

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v4.2.0 - 12/18/2011

  • New Google Cloud Backup for Android 2.2 (Activate in Roster)
  • New Google License Checks ONLY Once Per Version
  • Improved Economic Persistence Model 
  • Character Specific Economic Models Saved 
  • Reduced Orbital Fuel Consumption for "Fast Ships" 
  • Improves Data in Economic Reports 


  1. Cloud restore happens automatically? Nothing seems to be happening ... Did I just lose my captains?

  2. @DCurrahee - cloud backup assists in moving your captain, awards, and other game data from an original device to a new phone or device. If you enable cloud backup on one device, and then install Star Traders on another device, you should see your game data restored from "the cloud." Does that help?

  3. I just lost my captains and unlocked goodies... restore on the SAME phone work?

  4. Backup worked on the second try but that means I have a successful backup of my (only) captain created after losing all my captains/acheivments. Any way to revert after it decides to work on the second shot? Possible to get my unlocked stuff back with a fresh start? Just want to keep loving the game. Samsung nexus s . Uninstalled, reinstalled-X2. Thanx a bunch


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