Friday, April 29, 2011

Table Top Wargames

Growing up as a kid, the team here at Trese Brothers Software was pretty obsessed with table top wargames. Specifically, those released by Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Mordeheim was a huge hit...). It was an amazing (if expensive hobby) that combined long term planning (army building), creativity (painting and modeling), short term tactics (being the general on the table), story telling (stringing multiple battles into a campaign), basic economics training (I want it, but I can't afford it) and good times with friends.

Table Top War games are a long term (and often expensive) investment. They take a lot of patience and a lot of focus, as a turn can take a long time and as with all turn based games, you can do a lot of waiting. Painting a full army is a test of one's dedication and endurance to the max.

Did you play table top wargames? Other figurine or table top games? As a gaming experience--I find it to be a uniquely rewarding, and engaging experience on many levels. I still collect and still play. How about you?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.6.10 Released

A new upgrade to the Android game Star Traders RPG is now available on the Android Market.

Star Traders RPG Elite ($1.99) :
Star Traders RPG (FREE!) :

Today's upgrade, v3.6.10 adds some new features and works to address requests from the player's forum (

  • Maximum Torpedo bugs fixed with "Re-Arm" button
  • Captain's Health is now displayed in a Toast any time it changes in battle
  • Reduces Ram damage based on attacker's ship damage
  • Added a new button to launch Character Status to Contract Offer page
  • During Prison, negative reputations are increased to a level where pardons are possible and cheap
As usual, we welcome a discussion over on the Star Traders Forum:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resurrecting Game Addictions

Recently, a good friend of ours re-installed Diablo 2. I am not sure how he even found his install disk, and was even more amazed that he found BattleNet still up and running! D2 has not died! Lo and behold, I ran into another friend who had recently re-installed D2, and then another friend who was trying to beat Baldur's Gate. Castle of the Winds was recently mentioned on the comments to this blog, and I had a round of flash backs and thought about getting a hold of it. A friend in Boston just bought and installed the King's Quest series.

Are you out there, installing and playing the best games of our youth?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.6.9 Released

The newest version of Star Traders RPG has been released to the Android Market!

You can download the free to play edition also available from the Android Market for Star Traders.

The newest version includes some features:
  • Higher Production of Crystals at large economies (to aid solar sail repair values)
  • Adds 3 New Military Ships
  • Adds 3 New Smuggler Ships
  • Adds 3 New Merchant Ships
  • Adds 3 New Pirate Ships
  • Adds 3 New Bounty Hunter Ships
  • Adds 3 New Alien Ships
  • Adds 2 New Elite Only Mystery Ships

The newest version includes a number of bug fixes:
  • Fixes Main Map Crash
  • Fixes Deleting Empty Characters Crash
  • Improves Screen Load Performance
  • Improves Full Screen Performance
  • Fixes some bugs will full screen
Forum Discussion:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Star Traders RPG v3.6.8 Released

  • Full Screen Option
  • Better Honeycomb Support
  • Improved Game Skins
  • Added First 4 Backgrounds for Game Screens
  • Improved Map Movement Performance
  • Fixed Post-Acknowledge Encounters ("Repeat Battles")
  • Fixed Fuel Use After Victory (Lowered Use)
  • Enable Spend XP On all Screens out of combat ("Training Button")
  • Enable Dismiss Officers in Dock
  • Limited number of active Trade Bans to 3
  • Improved Character Status Page look (no more tabs)
  • Fixed Bugs with Music
  • Status Page Music works

As normally is the fact, we have a forum post about this:

Android Developers Blog: New Carrier Billing Options on Android Market

Android Developers Blog: New Carrier Billing Options on Android Market

I love my Sprint Service and now you can buy Star Traders RPG directly to your Sprint account and rage it on my favored device, the HTC EVO 4G.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Star Traders RPG Fleets

Q:Do you intend to add player fleets to the game?

Fleets do not fit into my long term goals for Star Traders RPG. As a role playing game, it will continue to focus around a single, solitary man or woman (Firefly style) commanding a star ship.

I am very excited about another game concept I'm developing that takes the Star Traders universe and drops the RPG concept in favor of a 4X ( design.

In that game, the player would not be a single Captain but instead control an entire Faction as the "intelligence" behind a galactic empire during a period of fleet war and expansion.

Star Traders RPG v3.6.6 Released

The newest release of Star Traders RPG has been released to the Android Market.
  • Templars Rising - New Ships!
  • New Award Unlocks for Ships of Honor II a real great set of Templar Ships
  • Improved Surrender Warnings, Warns of Execution
  • Added Year Required to Award Descriptions
  • Improved Trade Records for Merchant / Smugglers (Over Trade, Over Hold)
  • "Searched" does not invalidate Spy
  • "Searched" does not invalidate Blockade Contracts
  • Torp Looting Reduced by 50%
  • Torp Looting Reduced by 80% for Crazy - Impossible
  • Ship Agility Bonuses for Player Captains

These new Templar ships are not only great -- they also match a number of AI ships added to match (for Faction Warships and Smugglers.) They are the first part of a series of releases that will introduce the Templars --a secret Faction known to understand the Old Religion and pre-date even the Narvidian. The Templars are responsible for discovering the Quadrant and will be the Captain's route to building bases and settlements for his or her Faction.

Read more about this new release here:

Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...