Sunday, June 24, 2012

Donate Option for TB Fanatics


Andrew and I keep careful track of what players, fans and friends ask us to add to the game, to the company and to our process.

We have had, over the past 18 months, had over 700 requests for a "Donate Button" and we have decided to create such a thing:

We have elected to start our little "crowd funding" experiment with "Forum Supporter Badges" which come with a $5 or $10 donation to TB.

We will use these funds for the following:

  • Buying New Devices (ICS, Nexus, New Tabs, etc)
  • Funding Expenses (Servers, Hosting, Hardware)
  • Buying Assets for New Games (Music, SFX, Libraries)
  • Funding Kickstarter Campaigns for Future Games
  • Bribing Amazon and Google to make us "Top Developers"

Discussion on the Forum:

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