Star Traders RPG Updated to v4.6.7

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Experience the Elite Upgrade:  Epic new content includes 2,000 new Sectors, 200 additional Zones and more than 150 exclusive art files.  Take your space based adventures to a huge next galaxy.

The paid version adds 300 ships, 110 planets, 200% rumors, twice as many officers, awards and content. You can copy your profile/Captain from Star Traders RPG to Elite.

v4.6.7 - 8/18/2012

  • New Ship Artwork: Corsair
  • New Ship: Corsair Cutter
  • New Ship: Pirate Corsair 
  • New Ship: Corsair Class
  • Major Improvements to Help File
  • Full List of Upgrades
  • Fixed Map Performance Bugs
  • Added Bounty Hunter Guide


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