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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Templar Assault Updated to v0.4.25

Amazon Templar Assault Free

Amazon Templar Assault Elite

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.4.25 - 7/31/2012
 - New alien art!
 - New UI for new campaign page
 - Fixed "Moons" campaign button
 - Improved small screen support
 - Fixed Spelling / Typos in Text
 - Converted to "Action Points" like Cyber Knights

Also on Google Play

Google Play Templar Assault Free

Google Play Templar Assault Elite


  1. Your blog layout is nice and clean. This is my first time here. I looked for Templar Assualt on the iPhone app store. Found nothing. I guess you only target the Android market. Good luck in your software development.

  2. @legend - we try to keep it clean! None of the Trese Brothers games have made it to the iOS yet, but we are working on Star Traders. If you have an Android, you can grab 'em all for just a few bucks.


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