Cyber Knights RPG v0.7.31 Released

It is the dawn of 2217, and the world has ended.  Megacorporations provide humanity’s last survivors shelter in the vast dome cities of New Boston, New Berlin and others.  Across the planet the Global Matrix has reunited the scattered survivors and reignited the fires of competition.

Technology has changed humanity.  No longer merely flesh, many Cyber Knights have turned to nano- and cyber- technology to gain an edge and extend their abilities beyond human limits.

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v0.7.31 - 9/10/2012

  • Female Sprite Walk Animations
  • Improve Contract Date Display
  • Runners Do Not Die on Simple, Easy
  • Runners Do Not Die with 0 MP on Normal, Hard
  • Fixes Bugs with PersonaFix UI
  • Improved Loading Dialogs

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