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Star Traders RPG Updated on Apple App Store

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v2.1.1 - 12/11/2012

  • New Contract Type: Blockade
  • New Contract Type: Spy
  • Zoom Function for iPad
  • Improved iPhone Zoom Function
  • Increased Game Notification Duration
  • Fixed Water-Fuel Usage in Red
  • Added New Game Officer Dialog
  • Improved Political Officer
  • Added Trade Embargo Warning Dialog
  • Improved First Mate
  • Added First Mate Morale Dialog
  • Added First Mate Supply Dialog
  • Fixed Main Menu Version Display
  • Improved Water-Fuel Tank Upgrade
  • Improved Databank Upgrade
  • Improved Weapon Locker Upgrade
  • Improved Smuggler's Hold Upgrade
  • Improved Omni-Stealth Array
  • Improved Predator Tracking Upgrade
  • Improved Military Officer Special Ability
  • Improved Bounty Hunter Special Ability
  • Improved Spy War Conflict Rules
  • Improved Solar War Conflict Rules
  • iPad Screen Layout Improvements
  • Improved Take Ship Function
  • Improved Mutiny Interface
  • Improved Interface for Dead Character
  • Improve Elite IAP Contract Generator
  • Character Roster Improvements/Fixes
  • Fixes Memory / Performance Issues
  • Fixed Issue with Armor Repairs
  • Fixed Bugs Reported on Forum
  • Text and Typo Fixes

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