Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cyber Knights 0.6.25 Released!

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v0.6.25 - 1/30/2012

  • 21 new backroom contacts - Knight Horizon, Yakuza, BraveStar
  • New Job Type - Data Courier! See new backroom contacts for work
  • Shock Mauls released to the NBZ - equip your melee runners with new weapons
  • New jobs across the NBZ - more negotiate a deal and threaten
  • BraveStar backroom contact selling discounted armor to loyalists
  • New data files available in the NBZ - list of available runner
  • Typo and bug fix across the boards!

Check it out on the Android market here:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Templar Assault Updated to v0.3.3

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v0.3.3 - 1/25/2012

  • Fixes Crash in Vestmarch Burns campaign
  • HUD UI fixes
  • Fixes All Reported Crashes
  • Fixes Reported Bugs

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Star Traders RPG v4.2.7

The newest release of Star Traders RPG can be downloaded from the Android Market:


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v4.2.7 - 1/25/2012

  • Improves Memory Performance
  • New Ship Artwork: Shredder Hull
  • New: Ridge Freighter
  • New: Spike Vector
  • New: Spline Cutter
  • New: Dominion Cruiser
  • New Pirate Hypersonic
  • New: Pirate Ripper
  • Fixes Reported Crashes

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cyber Knights RPG Updated to v0.6.23

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v0.6.23 - 1/24/2012

  • 21 new backroom contacts - Fennians, Los V, Blue Ox
  • Clarified message about Medkit and Computer Files
  • Major typo and bug fix across the boards!
  • New Monster Type - Salvaged Drones used by Fennians (less common now)
  • Really fixed "0 HP / 0 MP" -> "Armor Save"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Storytelling - Pen and Paper

[Based on the fact that this is a mobile game development blog, this is a little off topic.  But, let's admit up front that my greatest love of gaming is in storytelling, which is born from pen and paper games.  So, that translates directly into the creation and design of story, plot, and characters within our mobile games.  It may seem a digression, but actually its right on topic!]

In answer to a friend who asked, "Do you have any recommendations on how to be a gm?"

After some thinking about it, I came up with a few thoughts.  This is far from comprehensive, and really tries to address my friend's direct questions.

Build the Story First -- Worry about the Characters Later
How do you get started?  How do you make sure the story hangs together?  How do you make sure you can keep the characters in the path without railroading them?  

Our friend's exact quote was, "I'll never be as organized as Cory." Which is true.  You aren't likely to find a game master who is so copious in preparation and organization as Cory.  

My recommendation is to build the story first, and worry about the character's part in it later.  It is too easy to start by thinking what the characters will see, what scenes they will move through, and how you manipulate them to keep them on the path that you have created.  This quickly leads to trouble in a gaming session, because players hate paths, and are predictable only in being unpredictable, mad-house, and likely to kill your friendly NPCs to boot.

So, I would advocate to try to build your story the other way around.  Scrub your mind clean of the player experience, and build the story, its actors, the world around it first.  What is happening?  Who are the big players, and what is at stake for them?  What are the forces working against each other, the tensions boiling?  Get a big idea and start to work out why its cool, dangerous, edgy, and how there are going to be winners and losers.  Then work your way into the details a bit more, who are the actors, their underlings, and what are the street-level steps that are being taken to resolve this conflict?

If you start at the top and work your way down, you will eventually find an exciting place to insert your characters.  But the real value in this exercise is later, when things start to get messy.  If you have prepared from the bottom up (what the characters will see and do), as soon as they move outside of that path, you are struggling to find details, understand how the NPCs should react, and stuck trying to get them back on the path.  If instead, you build from the top-down, you already understand the actors, their motivations, and the details that surround the whole situation.  Therefore, if your players suddenly take a right turn and decides to back-stab their main contact, you have a depth of knowledge about the bigger landscape, how that might effect the bigger story, the other actors who might sweep in, and the potential consequences.

Build the big story in your head first, and understand it.  You will also find that as a storyteller, you are called on to do a lot of improvising in any situation.  If you can see the larger story and its players, this will always be easier, because your mind can pull details quickly from this larger context, instead of having to create them from nothing on the spot.

Storytelling is like Writing -- and they say, "Write what you know"
The friend was asking specifically about Shadow Run 3, and mentioned that he wanted to exclude hackers from the group because the rules are very complex and he is not familiar with them.  I think this is a sage decision.  Gaming systems are big and complicated, and you may not learn everything at once.  Especially if you are kicking off a first game, work with your players to make sure they are happy with their character types, but it is okay to limit them to areas where you feel confident and know that you can adjudicate the rules fairly.  Later, after you have gotten your feet wet, give hacking a try (for example).

It would be awesome if other players / storytellers want to post additional advice for new GMs!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.21 Released to Android Market

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this beta. Try it for free today:


v0.6.21 - 1/17/2012

  • 21 new backroom contacts - Fennians, Los V, Blue Ox
  • AzTek FN-PAR 85mm vs. FN-PAR 65mm - better gun for loyalists
  • New Monster Type - Salvaged Drones used by Fennians
  • Fixed Street battle containing AzTek soldiers
  • Resolved Hedlozz and other drug bugs
  • Jobs can no longer end in same shop they started
  • Fixed "0 HP / 0 MP" -> "Armor Save"
  • Balancing in Los V and starting area 
  • Mars Contact now sells discount ammo 
Do you love Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? Try Cyber Knights RPG for a retro blast from the past. Old school graphics meet new school in-depth game mechanics.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Star Traders RPG v4.2.5 Release to Android Market

A new release of Star Traders RPG has been uploaded to the Android Market.


v4.2.5 - 1/16/2012

  • Improves XHDPI Performance
  • New Ship Artwork: Longsail Hull
  • New: Longsail Lifter
  • New: Longsail Cutter
  • New: Darksail Class
  •  New: Vinge Interceptor
  • Increased Ships for Sale
  • ELITE: ALL Ships Now For Sale on ALL Difficulties
  • Fixed a Zoom Map Crash
  • Hides Display of Misleading/Expired Resource Prices

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Flame Thrower Weapon (Hydra)

New Flame Thrower Weapon

Templar Assault v0.3.2

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Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews!

v0.3.2 - 1/12/2012

  • Fixes All Reported Crashes
  • Fixes Moons Level Crashes
  • Adds New Campaign
  • Adds New "Hydra Templar"
  • New Flame Thrower Weapon

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.19 Released

The newest release of Cyber Knights RPG, our Android-based cyberpunk single player role playing game / urban war simulation has been posted to the Google Android Market.

Play for Free:

v0.6.19 - 1/11/2012

  • Mars contact (Mercy Mary) now selling low price ammo 
  • 40 new battle groups - more variety!
  • Toast current character in combat
  • Cancel contract enhancements and rep penalty
  • Cleaned up equip / unequip experience
  • Fixed many shop text formatting issues (strange bold line)
  • Improved Enemy Placement System
  • Improved Enemy AI Code/Move System
  • Huge Performance Improvements

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Star Traders RPG v4.2.3 Released

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v4.2.3 - 1/8/2012

  • Improves Android 4.0.x Performance
  • Improves Rendering on Galaxy Nexus
  • NEW Ship Artwork: Dragoon Hull
  • New: Dragoon Class
  • New: Royal Dragoon
  • New: Dagger Dragon
  • New: Carnifex Cruiser
  • Fearsome new 'Terrox Xeno' Alien [Warning!]
  • New Easier Treasure Ship 'Damaged Space Hive'

You can download the free version from the Android Market ...

or the Amazon App Store ...

Read more on the Star Traders Player's Forum ...

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.17 Released

Cyber Knights RPG, our homage to Cyberpunk and Shadowrun players and game masters, as been updated on the Android Market.

Free cyberpunk RPG

v0.6.17 - 1/8/2012

  • Huge Performance Improvements
  • Fixes All Reported Crashes
  • Improved Enemy Placement System
  • Improved Enemy AI Code/Move System
  • Improves Combat Group Balance
  • 50 New Battle Groups
  • Fixes Combat Bugs
  • Improves Dialogs and Feedback
  • Improved Dialogs, Text, Fixed Typos
  • New Faction Content, Computer Files
Also available for free on the Amazon App Store

Templar Assault - All New Gear

Crush, slash, pulverize and blast your xenoform targets with all new equipment in Templar Assault 0.3.1!  

We are heavily investing right now in second generation artwork for our third Android game, Templar Assault.  Expect to see lots of big changes, and this is one of the first.  Beautiful new art for all the weapons in the game.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Templar Assault v0.3.1 Released

Thank you for supporting our new project, we need your reviews:


v0.3.1 - 1/6/2011

  • Improved Walking Animations
  • Fixes Some AI Defects
  • New Weapon Artwork
  • New Equipment Artwork
  • Improved Templar Sprites
  • Improved HUD Artwork
  • Fixed Several Crashes
  • Improves Tablet Performance

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cyber Knights RPG v0.6.15 Released

Purchasing Cyber Knights RPG Elite provides additional content and supports our game projects and the brotherhood that keeps things around here running smoothly.


v0.6.15 - 1/4/2011
  • 2 New BraveStar Shock Trooper enemies
  • 10 new enemy groups!
  • Added Cyber Knight Intro Cinema Dialog
  • Improves Hotel Healing UI
  • All Jobs Deadline Durations Increased
  • Connectors Revised -- More Jobs, More Consistent Job Types
  • Better Contact Type Information
  • Many many typo fixes (thanks Gravling!)
  • Allow canceling contract when Exhausted
  • Combat Includes Line of Sight Calcuations
  • Fixes Default Weapons
  • Fixes Bad Drugs

Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...