Cyber Knights RPG v0.9.9 Released

The newest release of our cyberpunk turn based tactical role playing game has been released to Google Play for Android. Want to build a shadowy squad of cybernetically enhanced assassins? Take on the megacorporations? Hack the matrix? Cyber Knights RPG. Play for free and then go Elite!

v0.9.9 - 1/15/2013

  • Bug Fixes to "Made, Not Born"
  • Updated Google Play Integration
  • Replace tutorial story Negotiation jobs with Escort
  • Changed taxi rewards in tutorial story
  • Explaining stims in tutorial
  • Fixed Weingart Association
  • Made tutorial combat advice more clear
  • Made navi-map show all VIP backrooms properly
  • Fixed Journal and Eastwind Niner files
  • Typo fixes (thanks @gravling!)
  • Fixed Shooting Dead Monsters

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Free

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Free

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Elite


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