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Cyber Knights is Coming

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KickStarter - Heroes of Steel

Trese Brothers is very excited to announce the launch of our Heroes of Steel KickStarter!

We hope you will join us in making this project a reality!
The Trese Brothers, creators of Star Traders, Templar Assault and Cyber Knights are back and on the case! This time the goal is to create the mobile fantasy RPG you’ve been waiting for. Heroes of Steel is a squad-based turn-based tactical RPG set in the grim fantasy world of Steel, and it will challenge you with both an immense world and a deep and engaging game system. As lifelong gamers, the Trese Brothers loved and gamed in the great predecessors to Heroes, starting with the tabletop greats such as Heroes Quest and then into the digital age with games like Castle of the Winds, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Diablo I and II. Inheriting a dark and gritty fantasy world from the Treses’ pen-and-paper game worlds, Heroes will bring retro computer games and fantasy role playing together on mobile Android platforms in a unique and exciting way! 


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