KickStarter: Supporting our Peers and Other Indies

Here at Trese Brothers we have a dream, and a single-minded mission.  We are brothers on a mission -- to build the best RPGs for mobile devices, to build games that you love to play, and that we love to play.  We strive to produce and faithfully support deeply complex and challenging mobile games that go far, far beyond “casual.”  We listen closely to our community of fans, gamers, and critics on how to improve the games and continuously keep pushing new updates and improvements on all our games.

But we don’t want to stop there.  We are now proud supporters of others who share a similar dream.  We have recently joined KickStarter and are now turning a small percentage of our revenues from our games toward helping support indie developers, peers, competitors, writers, and pen-and-paper RPGs that we admire on KickStarter.  

It’s the least we can do--to continue to give back to the creators who spend their nights and weekends the same way we do -- crafting something they love and want to share with all of you!


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