Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Star Traders RPG v4.9.1

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v4.9.1 - 1/15/2013

  • 2 New Ship Pirate Ships
  • Morale Bonus for killing Alien
  • Morale Penalty for 'Searched'
  • Morale Penalty for 'Looted'
  • Rep Penalty for ending Surplus
  • Rep Bonus for ending Shortage
  • Fixed "No Results" Explorer
  • Fixed "No Results" Harvest
  • 8% Chance of XP Bonus with Explorer
  • 8% Chance of XP Bonus with Harvest
  • 50% Chance of +1 Morale for Surplus
  • 50% Chance of +1 Morale for Shortage
  • Morale Bonus for ending Shortage on Indy Worlds

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