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Star Traders RPG v4.9.2 Updated

Another release of our flagship turn based strategy RPG Star Traders. Take command of your starcraft and explore, battle and trade in the Quadrant. A vast and dynamic political system drives the setting and ensures that each game is unique. Take your place and make your stand. Be hero or villain the choice is uniquely yours. The quadrant is torn apart by betrayal, commerce and war -- will you bring it together or tear it apart?

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v4.9.2 - 1/19/2013

  • New Flagships (One for Each Faction)
  • Purchase Flagship at Rank 17+
  • Rank 18 Ignores Trade War Penalties
  • Rank 16+ Earns Military Assassin Contract Bonus
  • Rank 14+ Earns VIP Transport Contract Bonus
  • Rank 12+ Earns Blockade Contract Bonus
  • Improved Harvest Response Messages
  • Balancing Harvest Results on Elite Map
  • New Ship: Spear Interceptor
  • New Ship: Assault Interceptor
  • Fixed Reported Crashes

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Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($1.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($1.99USD)


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