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Templar Assault RPG v1.0 Released

Thank you for supporting our project and posting reviews:

v1.0.x - 1/9/2013

  • New 16 Level Campaign "Narvidian Dawn"
  • 50 Hidden Secret Bonus Zones
  • 4 New Hidden Bonus Weapons
  • 2 New Hidden Bonus Armors
  • 8000 Bonus Zone Honor
  • 32 Bonus Zone XP
  • New Monster: Narvidian Cultist
  • New Monster: Narvidian Gun Drone
  • New Monster: Narvidian Hive Worker
  • New Monster: Narvidian Cannon
  • New Monster: Narvidian Disk Drone
  • Added Arc Fire for Neptune
  • Balanced Gauntlet Damage and Range
  • New Templar Squad UI Design
  • Improved Weapon Switching Buttons
  • Many Campaign Level Updates and Fixes
  • Fixed Neptune Issues Firing West
  • Renaming Levels in Narvidian Dawn
  • Fixed Equipment Bugs and Issues
  • Improved ICS / JellyBean Support
  • Fixed Nexus 7 Crashes and Bugs
  • Improved HUD Performance
  • Monsters Now Longer Spawn Into Templar Squares
  • Fixed Reported Issues with Narvidian Dawn Maps

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