Heroes of Steel - Concept Art

Wizard and Thief

Rogue and Soldier / Duelist

What to do with a day stuck in a hotel airport waiting for Nemo to pass?  The right answer was definitely draw for concept art for Heroes of Steel!! And so Update #6 was born.  
What it all got me thinking about was sharing with you -- our backers and community -- to see which concepts you liked best.  It's great to have an interested community so early in a game's life to work with and gain feedback and insight into which designs are resonating.  So, I am posting four character concepts below -- the Wizard, the Thief, the Rogue, and the Soldier / Duelist.  I know the latter two characters are only accessible in a stretch goal, but what can I say -- I can't help but dream that we can all get there together!  The latter two are also in a much earlier stage of "concept" than the first two, who are halfway to the clean line stage.
So -- what do you think? What do you like or dislike?  Who would you want leading your squad?  I will be syndicating this update out to all our channels asking for feedback, so leave comments here or email me at atrese@gmail.com or get in touch with us on any channel you want (Facebook, our forum, etc).
Will you join the Heroes of Steel project on KickStarter and help make Heroes a reality?
Let's make this happen, together,
Trese Brothers Games - Two Brothers on a Mission


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