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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Epic Platform Update

If there is one thing that Trese Brothers tries to do well, it is to listen. We have heard you. From all edges of the Quadrant and the deepest sections of the underdeep -- we have heard you asking for more platforms. You want to get Heroes on the App Store, on your desktop and play on the OUYA you have back-ordered!
So, we’ve done some budgets and recast our stretch goals again to make this possible. We’ve spent the week planning, investigating alternatives, and determining the best way forward. We don’t want to wait any longer with the big news.
We are adding a new stretch goal at $20,000 called Epic Platform Pack.
If you help us reach the Epic Platform Pack goal, you will be funding the extra hours needed for Trese Brothers to build Heroes of Steel in a new game engine. Not only in a new game engine, but in an cross-platform game engine that will allow us to go beyond the Android. At the Epic Platform Pack, we will deliver Heroes of Steel to your Android, to the Apple App Store (iPad, iPhone, and iPhone touch) as well as to your OUYA.

Please read this exciting news on the KickStarter site!


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