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Heroes of Steel - KickStarter Update #1

Trese Brothers has released our first update to our KickStarter project, Heroes of Steel, a fantasy RPG.

Check it out!

There have been a lot of questions about how the game play of Heroes of Steel will work, and I wanted to add some details. As we mentioned in the video and in the page, Trese Brothers focuses on building games with the community, so none of the details here final, just the pre-alpha cut. We are really excited that our first group of alpha-testers have already come on board on KickStarter, so we’ve already got a pool of users who will get to see the app first and give us direct feedback on how to make it better!
  • Heroes of Steel is a turn-based strategy game in which you will control a squad of up to four characters. Each character is controlled individually and can move around the area map on their own, or together for safety -- that’s up to your tactics. Heroes draws from a mix of inspirations, such as complex pen and paper role playing games, some of our favorite and classic board games, and tabletop wargames. 
  • Each of your characters will be able to take a number of actions every turn, such as moving, using a talent, attacking, or casting a spell. Some characters will have more actions than others, while some may have a faster move speed, and others will be weighed down by their heavier choices of armor.
  • You will be able to give multi-turn movement commands, so that your characters can cross large distances without requiring a lot of touch input from you. If something dangerous crops up in the middle of the travel, you’ll get a chance to interrupt the orders and react.
  • Weapon choice will have a direct effect on your combat abilities and attack speed. Taking inspiration from Trese Brothers pen and paper RPGs, characters will be able to wield a mixture of heavy and light weapons, one or two handed, both offensive and defensive weapons, and shields will mix in as well. Thrown weapons and bows will make ranged characters deadly, but also add options to primary melee combatants who want to “open combat” from a short distance. While your Assassin might rely on a dueling dagger and a sabre to provide the best mix of offensive capabilities with a defensive backbone, your Outlander might heft a two-handed spear to take advantage of the long weapon’s superior reach, or perhaps a short blade and a warhammer when great accuracy across more attacks would better face the enemy at hand. Mystics, clerics, and casters will have similar levels of exciting decisions--attack spells, curses, empowerments, area spells--but we will have to cover in an upcoming Talents update!  
  • If you have a character with stealth skills, you may be able to move undetected through map areas, even if there are enemies active there. Stealth will shield enemy visibility and allow you to sneak, attack from stealth, and possibly loot treasure without having to fight your way through. Or you might infiltrate and scout out an enemy location so when your combat party kicks down the front door, you've got someone on the inside!
In the next update I hope to cover the talents system in more detail so that the character advancement path is more clear! Thanks again to everyone who has helped launch Heroes of Steel and the Trese Brothers right off the finish line and into the race toward our project goal. We have a long way to go, but with your support, we know we can make it.  
Finally, because of the level of demand for the $2,000 reward (Design a Dark Race) we have increased the limit for this reward to 4 (with the permission of the 2 existing backers!). If you always wanted to spawn a monstrous race of baddies -- the opportunity is back!


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