Heroes of Steel - KickStarter

As our first Trese Brother's KickStarter is launched, we are excited to have the press and community gathering around us and helping to promote our cause.  We encourage our community and gamers to do the same -- please tell everyone who might be interested in a old-school, turn-based fantasy RPG on their phone or tablet about the Heroes of Steel project!

One of our honored community members, BlastGT1 shared our exciting announcement and his resounding endorsement of Trese Brothers on his forum:

Owen Faraday at PocketTactics.com closing the story about the "Teaze Brothers" with an official announcement of the Heroes of Steel KickStarter and shares his appreciation of our games:

Craig on IndieRpg.com helps us to announce the exciting news about the new KickStarter project and shares some details from a short interview with Andrew:

We hope you'll help us share and share more!  A KickStarter project like Heroes of Steel will only succeed by helping to get the word out, and we are relying on you to help us make it happen!


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