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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Replay Depth

We were doing some jaw-dropping math tonight and salivating over the potential of our first three big stretch goals.  If you can help us hit them, they will propel Heroes of Steel to truly epic proportions! If the following excites you, we ask that you help us get there! Tell your friends, family and followers. Please help us get the word out about Heroes of Steel.  
Heroes of Steel has an immense potential to provide a diverse field of characters and dizzying replay depth. Right now, the game will come out of the gate kicking with four characters -- the Outlander, the Thief, the Wizard, and the Cleric. Cory and I are really excited to see the explosion of characters if we are able to achieve our stretch goals.
You will build your group of heroes by selecting a character for the four archetypal slots -- the warrior, the mystic, the stealth character, and the healer. Therefore, at our current funding level Heroes of Steel will provide only one valid group combination (your warrior slot is the Outlander, your mystic slot is the Wizard, your stealth slot is the Thief, and your healer slot is the Cleric). Here is a screenshot of that group being created in the alpha build of Heroes of Steel!


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