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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v3.3.1 for iPhone and iPad

The latest version of our turn based strategy RPG for the iPhone and iPad has been release to iTunes.

This new update, v3.3.1 fixes a number of reported issues (thanks for the e-mails) and adds additional content, features and ships.

You can download Star Traders RPG Elite for iPhone for free and play without any ads for as long as you want.


  • Fixed Elite Upgrade Bugs
  • Fixed Invalid Contract Destinations
  • Balanced Contract Payments
  • Fixed Spy Contracts vs. Indy
  • Fixed "Rearm" Torpedo Looting
  • Fixed Contracts to the Star 'Wolfe Dhas'
  • Fixed Destroy Contract Failure
  • Fixed Pirate Looting Defeats
  • Fixed Harvest Results and Messages
  • New Ship Artwork: Naval Cruiser
  • New Ship Artwork: Razor Wing
  • New Ship Artwork: Hieroglyph
  • New Ship Artwork: Escape Shuttle
  • New Ship Artwork: Basalt Carrier
  • New Ship Artwork: Ironclad
  • New Ship Artwork: Corsair
  • New Ship Artwork: Skimmer
  • New Ship Artwork: Guardian
  • New Ship Artwork: Sloop
  • New Ship Artwork: Ridgeback
  • New Ship Artwork: Bladeliner
  • New Ship Artwork: Longwing
  • New Ship Artwork: Lancewing
  • 50 New Ship types including:
    • Merchants: Star Lifter, Ridge Liner, Jump Lifter
    • Smugglers: Skip Jammer, Corsair Cutter, Dragoon, Steel Lazar
    • Pirates: Blightcruiser, Shortbow, Executioner, Corsair
    • Military: Solar Cruiser, Harbinger Carrier Mk2, Dreadnought
    • Bounty: Vlax Interceptor, Carnivore, Cobra, Predator, Saber
    • Hives: Derelict, Templar, Drifting
    • Alien: Xrangg, Jyeetax, Bollish
    • Narvidian: Stalker, Hexor, Hive
  •  Improved Performance
  •  Fixed Reported Issues and Memory Leaks
  •  Artwork Cleanup and Graphics Optimization


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