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Templar Assault RPG v1.4.1 Released

In this sci-fi tactical role playing game (RPG), you maneuver your indomitable but cumbersome warriors through tight spaces aboard starcraft, on the surface of planets, and in deep and ancient mines and temples.  While protected by the mighty Templar armor, and wielding the destructive powers of the Leviathan weaponry, you must coordinate and command your warriors with skill to survive the horrendous forces of evil.

Templar Assault takes inspiration from Star Traders RPG, and the Aliens films, to  produces a high-tension game that requires a unique level of focus and skill.  Your Templar Knights are a tight knit team of warriors capable of combat in any environment -- however, their enemies are dire and mighty and only by working together and with strategic unison can they prevail.

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v1.4.1 - 2/20/2013

  • Brand New Line of Sight Rules
  • New Music and Weapon Sound Effects (
  • Improved Neptune LOS Performance
  • Updates for Hydra Score Keeping
  • Fixed 'Cities of Oblivion' Xenos
  • 'Taking the Bridge' Doors
  • Fixed 'Hold Position' Victory
  • Fixed 'The Diversion on Innux-3' Door
  • Improved 'Ambush at Evox' Briefing

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