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Templar Assault v1.3.1 Released

As the Captain of a Templar Squad you are responsible for recruiting, training and equipping your Templars.

Your Templar Battleforce can contain more Templar Knights than you will use in a single battle. This will allow you to select specialists and command units which can be deployed on an as-needed basis.

Your Battleforce can consist of four Templar Scouts, four Templar Soldiers, four Weapon Specialists and four Templar Command units.

Weapon Specialists include Hydra Incinerators and Neptune Gunners. Templar Command the fearsome Berserker unit.

As a Captain you must select your recruits carefully because the Templar Fleet Command only issues additional Templar Knights to successful commanders at a high cost of accrued Honor.

You may also rename your Templar Knights to personalize your Squad.

v1.3.1 - 2/1/2013

  • New Templar Unit: Berserker
  • Rename Your Templar Knights
  • Recruit New Exo Scouts
  • Recruit New Soldiers
  • Recruit New Hydra Specialists (Elite)
  • Recruit New Neptune Gunners (Elite)
  • Recruit New Berserkers (Elite)
  • New Weapon: Force Axe
  • New Item: Storm Shield
  • Updated Help Files

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