Friday, March 29, 2013

Templar Assault Updated!

The latest of release of Templar Assault continues to balance the price of Honor and level difficulty, as well as adding more and more secrets to the game!

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v1.4.15 - 3/29/2013
- "Security Tunnels" has 4 new bonuses
- Fixed Pricing Bug with Hydra Ammo Kits
- Fixed Pricing Bug with Neptune Ammo Kits
- Increased Difficulty on "Dying in the Dark"
- Increased Difficulty on "Make a Path"
- "Dying in the Dark" has 3 new bonuses
- "Make a Path" has 3 new bonuses

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Star Traders Updated

The expansive Quadrant of Star Traders provides a challenging and complex sandbox for fans of the space-opera RPG, space simulation gamers, and those who love trading simulations.

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v5.0.17 - 3/26/2013
- New Ship: Vegax Cutter
- New Ship: Cutter Star
- New Ship: Pirate Spear
- Added Current Credits to Startrader
- Fixed Several Performance Issues
- Enemy Smuggler AI Updates/Tweaks

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cyber Knights Updated: Meet the Gang Bosses

In the shadow conflict of this cyberpunk future, the soldiers are called Cyber Knights. Elite urban mercenaries they are expendable, deniable and effective. The megacorporations need them to do the dirty work in the grey beneath of the metroplex.

Take control of a Cyber Knight and recruit, train, and equip a team of specialists to complete the most high paying but high risk jobs.  Hack the Global Matrix, capture or assassinate targets, bodyguard dignitaries, packages, and encrypted data across the crumbling city of New Boston in 2217.

The newest update of Cyber Knights introduces two powerful characters in the New Boston Zone -- Sean Kelly who leads the Fennian gang on the old Irish streets of Boston, and Side-Arm Gerrin, the ruthless street leader of the Los Valenitnos an up-and-coming street gang hell-bent on clawing its way into the NBZ power structure.

The newest update also helps clarify the rules about Experience spending and puts the primary calculated Combat Statistics (Action Points) and its equation front and center in the UI.

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v1.1.1 - 3/24/2013
- Kass Bad-Eye intros Los V gang boss, Side-Arm Gerrin
- Cava Saint intros Fennian gang boss, Sean Kelly
- There will be upcoming subplots for both gang bosses
- Calculated base AP shown on character stat's page
- Re-formatting Experience spending interface
- Story MnB: no more V-Chips leaked in tunnels
- Fixed Yakashima battle group loyalty issues
- Clarified XP cost of raising key attribute in help file
- Story MnB: Lt. Simon stops mentioning Texas Powers so much
- Resolved hall of mirrors with grass map tiles
- Fixed dialog to the "back entrance" of Blue Steel Parlor

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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Star Traders Update Released

This latest update to the Star Traders RPG game fixes several critical bugs with the new HUD features that were released in v5.0.11 -- some Android phones were experiencing crashes loading games. This release includes several small fixes and a bug fix patch for that crash.

Thank you to everyone who clicked the "Report" button to help us track this down and get it fixed quickly.

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v5.0.13 - 3/22/2013

  • Fixes Map / HUD Button Crash
  • New Ship: Logicus Liner
  • New Ship: Technar Lifter

Star Traders RPG on the Moto Droid

As always you can download the game on Google Play, Amazon App Store and we are also on the iPhone and iPad as well!

Apple App Store

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Release of Star Traders RPG: New Ships, Bug Fixes

Star Traders RPG is an animated turn-based strategy RPG with a focus on political intrigue, space trading and resource management. Recruit a group of officers, upgrade your ship and take to the stars -- what do the fates hold in store for you?

Star Traders RPG has been compared to Elite, Dope Wars, Trade Wars (in space) and by some folks, supplied an EVE Online fix offline and mobile. The graphics may not be 3D and super fancy but the rules are very tuned and carefully balanced. The game's design focuses on scaled difficulty and replayability.

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v5.0.13 - 3/21/2013

  • New Ship: Dark Dominion
  • New Ship: Royal Battlecruiser
  • New Ship: Sword Battlecruiser

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Templar Assault Updated: New Weapons and Items

A new release of our turn based tactical combat game, Templar Assault RPG, has been release for Android. Templar Assault provides squad based combat simulations set in a distant sci-fi universe. Take command of your team of augmented super-soldiers and purge the xeno!

This update to the game (the second this week) provides some excellent new content and features. There is a new weapon (the 'Devastator Ax') for your Berserker Knights and two new items. The new items are ammunition kits for your weapon specialists -- both the Hydra Knight and the Neptune Knight.

New Ammo Kits for Hydra and Neptune
These new items make it easier to equip your squad fully for long duration deployments. Need enough ammo for 100 xenos? Requisition your supplies for Templar Fleet Command today!

We're always ready for feedback from you -- Knight, Captain or Templar our forum welcomes all.

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Templar Assault is available for your Android phone and tablet on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Download the free version and check it out.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cyber Knights Updated: Custom Difficulty and Rumor HUD (v1.0.13)

A new release of Cyber Knights RPG has been released. Cyber Knights is a deep, turn based RPG/strategy game set in a dystopian cyberpunk universe. In the game you'll take command of a squad of elite shadow soldiers and runners. Will your team rise to fame and fortune? Or die in the gutter?

This update to Cyber Knights fixes a few issues with the Elite edition and adds some new HUD elements to make it easier to keep track of the state of New Boston Zone.

Gryon and a Rumor Zone
The game now displays an icon when you enter a Zone that is currently under the effects of one or more Rumors.

v1.0.13 - 3/15/2013

  • Added new icon in HUD to indicate Exhaustion
  • Fixed Custom Difficulty for Gryon
Care to discuss the new update and features? Feel free to post a comment on the blog, or join the dialog on the CK Player's Forum:

As always, you can download Cyber Knights RPG for your mobile phone from either Google Play or the Amazon App Store.

Star Traders Updated: Improved HUD & Zoom Map (v5.0.11)

There is a new release of Star Traders RPG (space simulation RPG trader) available for your Android mobile gaming pleasure.

v5.0.11 - 3/15/2013
Improved HUD Display for Contracts
Display Cache Locations on Zoom Map

The biggest improvement in this release of Star Traders is around the HUD (heads up display) for your Captain's travels on the star map. Beyond basic performance, the biggest improvement is the display of the contract destination button. When your Captain's Faction contract is located in an Urban Zone (as shown below) the correct button will be displayed in red.

The other significant improvement is the addition of an icon to indicate where the Captain has created a Stash. This feature will match the display of Stashes in the Cargo page of the status menu. The release also has some new ships in it.

As always, there is an announcement on the forum:

You can always download Star Traders RPG from Google Play or Amazon App store. Both games are regularly updated and support the same turn based mobile strategy fun :)

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hereos of Steel - Gameplay Glimpse on Many Platforms

You demanded the Epic Platform Pack with your pledges and helped us cross the line to that big stretch goal! Now it’s time for us to show you that we are making progress on delivering. Just watch this video! You’ll see that we have taken the first big steps for Heroes of Steel. Of course, we are building up from the foundation on the new game engine, so there is so much more work to do.  But we have completed our first big goals to prove we can do it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Templar Assault RPG Updated to v1.4.5

The latest release of Templar Assault RPG has updated  three existing levels to contain bonus zones and hidden dialog.

Come join the discussion:

Also in this release we added a new Templar shield and a weapon for the Berserker Knight.

Cyber Knights RPG v1.0.9 Released

Please visit the game's web site if you are enjoying this turn based tactical RPG with cyberpunk storyline.

v1.0.9 - 3/7/2013

  • BraveStar Security Pass allows travel both ways through gate
  • Story MnB: Balanced job prices within the Tunnels
  • Story MnB: Heaven collects correct amount for bribe
  • Story MnB: new Yakashima Rifle for Free / Elite in Black Row
  • Major Help update for typos / info (thanks @jr8825!)
  • Add "Other" category for Contacts
  • Fixed Contact-Faction affiliation bugs
  • Updated all shop / encounter backgrounds 
  • Updated map art for fences

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cyber Knights RPG Updates

Recent advancements in Cyber Knights RPG, a cyber punk turn based tactical role playing game, warrant a blog post advertising the improvements to the game.

New features highlight the advanced functions of your team's cybernetic implants and the impact they have on your character's defensive capabilities. Your cyberloader's internal CPU has been upgraded to detect ammo types of the current character and provide more timely warnings about ammunition shortages for your weapons of choice.

If you are interested in supporting Cyber Knights RPG on your social networks, we have a Facebook page:

One of the key features of building a team of Cyber Knights is upgrading thugs and mercenaries to runners and allies. This upgrade process costs your knight experience points (XP) and has been improved with better balance and less issues.

From a technical standpoint, Cyber Knights now also supports more screen types and densities.

If you would like to discuss or debate the rules and functions of Cyber Knights RPG, you can join the game's player forum. The developers and hundreds of active players discuss the game daily:

v1.0.7 - 3/3/2013

  • Fixed Small Screen Support in Hotels
  • Fixed Matrix Access Crashes and Bugs
  • Fixed TV DPI Support in MiniMap
  • Ammo Warning Now Intelligent about Weapons
  • Armor Displays Cyberware Upgrades in []'s
  • Fixed Creating Allies from Runners XP cost
  • Now Showing Faction in all Contact lists
  • Improved Buying UI to avoid negative credits
  • Improved Contract Generation Logic
  • Package Delivery Notification Includes Destination
  • Dismiss Ally and HUD Behavior Fixed
  • Fixed Issues with 'Crammers' and 'Cram Shots'
  • Fixed Misnamed Computer Files
You can play the latest version of Cyber Knights RPG on your Android phone or tablet. Cyber Knights is also available on the Amazon Android App Store for all types of Kindles.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heroes of Steel Funded!

Thank you all. You've made the dream of Heroes of Steel into a reality. We are honored by your generosity, your support and your excitement. I feel like I've been saying thank over and over again for the last 30 days. And we mean it, so very deeply. As a community, as family and as friends you have given us so much support. Now you have given us an amazing opportunity. We are so excited to turn our attention to delivering on Heroes of Steel. So, one more time: for supporting us at any level or in any way, we thank you.
We have hit the Epic Platform Pack stretch goal at $20,000 in pledges. You have helped to launch Trese Brothers into a truly new era. We’ve got a big, but exciting, challenge ahead of us to deliver Heroes of Steel to Android, OUYA, and iOS devices -- and we won’t let you down. There will be major changes coming for Trese Brothers as we grow to new games and new platforms, and you have all lent a hand to make it possible.
Our deepest gratitude,
Andrew and Cory
Trese Brothers - Two Brothers on a Mission You Supported

One Hour Left

Heroes of Steel - the Final Count Down!