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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG Updates

Recent advancements in Cyber Knights RPG, a cyber punk turn based tactical role playing game, warrant a blog post advertising the improvements to the game.

New features highlight the advanced functions of your team's cybernetic implants and the impact they have on your character's defensive capabilities. Your cyberloader's internal CPU has been upgraded to detect ammo types of the current character and provide more timely warnings about ammunition shortages for your weapons of choice.

If you are interested in supporting Cyber Knights RPG on your social networks, we have a Facebook page:

One of the key features of building a team of Cyber Knights is upgrading thugs and mercenaries to runners and allies. This upgrade process costs your knight experience points (XP) and has been improved with better balance and less issues.

From a technical standpoint, Cyber Knights now also supports more screen types and densities.

If you would like to discuss or debate the rules and functions of Cyber Knights RPG, you can join the game's player forum. The developers and hundreds of active players discuss the game daily:

v1.0.7 - 3/3/2013

  • Fixed Small Screen Support in Hotels
  • Fixed Matrix Access Crashes and Bugs
  • Fixed TV DPI Support in MiniMap
  • Ammo Warning Now Intelligent about Weapons
  • Armor Displays Cyberware Upgrades in []'s
  • Fixed Creating Allies from Runners XP cost
  • Now Showing Faction in all Contact lists
  • Improved Buying UI to avoid negative credits
  • Improved Contract Generation Logic
  • Package Delivery Notification Includes Destination
  • Dismiss Ally and HUD Behavior Fixed
  • Fixed Issues with 'Crammers' and 'Cram Shots'
  • Fixed Misnamed Computer Files
You can play the latest version of Cyber Knights RPG on your Android phone or tablet. Cyber Knights is also available on the Amazon Android App Store for all types of Kindles.

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