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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel Funded!

Thank you all. You've made the dream of Heroes of Steel into a reality. We are honored by your generosity, your support and your excitement. I feel like I've been saying thank over and over again for the last 30 days. And we mean it, so very deeply. As a community, as family and as friends you have given us so much support. Now you have given us an amazing opportunity. We are so excited to turn our attention to delivering on Heroes of Steel. So, one more time: for supporting us at any level or in any way, we thank you.
We have hit the Epic Platform Pack stretch goal at $20,000 in pledges. You have helped to launch Trese Brothers into a truly new era. We’ve got a big, but exciting, challenge ahead of us to deliver Heroes of Steel to Android, OUYA, and iOS devices -- and we won’t let you down. There will be major changes coming for Trese Brothers as we grow to new games and new platforms, and you have all lent a hand to make it possible.
Our deepest gratitude,
Andrew and Cory
Trese Brothers - Two Brothers on a Mission You Supported


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