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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders - All New Theme

Star Traders 5.0.23 introduces an all new theme for the user interface -- from buttons to the sliding bars for selling and exchanging goods, to drop downs for selecting captains.  The new sleek look matches the HUD and also puts more visual emphasis on highlighted buttons for training or contract completion.  

Packaged with a set of bug fixes and new ships, the 5.0.23 is a exciting new update to the long standing space RPG favorite.

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v5.0.23 - 4/21/2013
- New Button Artwork and Game Theme
- Fixed Jyeetax and Bolllish Aliens
- Fixed Travel to Top Edge of Map
- Fixed Travel to Left Edge of Map
- Fixed Space Hive Awards
- New type of 'Templar Space Hive'
- New Ship: Callus Freighter
- New Ship: Callus Hauler

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