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Vestmarch Strike Team Alpha released in Templar Assault

The newest release of Templar Assault releases new campaigns to the free version of the game and puts in place an exciting new campaign lock system.  Campaigns can now be locked behind other campaigns, giving your squads extended challenges to complete back-to-back.

The newest Vestmarch campaign links into a chain of 4 campaigns.  In the Strike Team Alpha campaign, your squad is handpicked to lead the counter offensive against the xenos command that is driving the siege on Vestmarch.  

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v1.6.3 - 5/28/2013
- Released 2 Vestmarch Campaigns into Free (Vestmarch Burns & Isolation)
- Some Campaigns now Locked by other Campaigns
- Vestmarch Campaigns are Locked (Vestmarch Burns -> Isolation -> East Gatehouse -> Strike Team Alpha)
- Updating Tutorial Extermination level - clearer victory conditions
- Re-balancing the Relic Devastator bonus weapon
- Updated button styles
- Updated game ico

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