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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber Knights RPG Question and Answer Session

1. Where can I find X-Weapon?
2. Who/What are the enemies I might encounter in Cyber Knight world?
3. Where can i find 'X' armor, accessory, or Cybernetic implant?
4. If Cyber Knight Quantum Chip implants are highly illegal, why do public terminals have a specialized port for them?
5. Who makes the law?
6. I was under the impression that the New Boston Zone was a domed city. How can it be "toxic," have "acid rain", and have such 'crumbling infrastructure' that the first two (toxic and acid rain) become a factor?
7. Do people, fauna, flora exists outside the NBZ?
8. Who enforces the law, investigates murders, etc?
9. Kidd Blaze, who is not a Cyber Knight, hacks the Matrix. To what degree can Hackers Runners delve into the Matrix without the use of a Cyber Knight Quantum Chip?
10. Could one of the knowledgeable please advise as to the advantages/disadvantages of working with/against certain factions?
11. What is Nano-slag?
12. How do I allocate XP to survive?
13. What are some good ways to remove HEAT?
14. How much movement goes on between the domes? How do the elite of the world travel between domes?
15. Who are the rep. faction ladder NPCs?
16. What are runners?
17. Where are good places to hire runners?
18. Are there any prerequisites to hire runners?
19. Who are the Persona Fixers that give martial artists and where do we go?
20. What are all the different types of runners?
21. What are all the different types of Conflicts and how do they affect the game?
22. What are all the different types of Rumors and how do they affect the game?
23. What do the map icons mean?
24. When did the Pacific Corp Wars occur?

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