Age of Pirates RPG Updated to v0.2.1

As with every +Trese Brothers game, Age of Pirates will be enhanced, updated and improved as it ages and matures. With your help, Age of Pirates will grow into something great.

With that ... the first update!

v0.2.1 - 7/12/2013

  • First Update for AoP RPG
  • More Balanced Wind Damage for Sails
  • Improved and Updated Dialog Text
  • Fixed Bugs with Dead Characters
  • Fixed Starting Contract Bugs
  • Fixed Broken Buttons
  • Fixed Back Button Issues
  • Improved Media Playback for some Devices
  • Fixes Many Typos
  • Fixed Reported Crashes (Thanks for "Report" Buttons!)

You can download +Age of Pirates RPG from Google Play:

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite


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