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Star Traders RPG Conflicts

There are different types of factional conflicts:

Trade Embargo. 
Lose RP by selling any stuff to the embargoed faction. In the above example, if you sell to Javat, you will lose RP to Thulun. 
Increased RP loss for shortage sales - I am guessing that the formula used is based on both units AND revenue gains, so if you sell in a shortage, you get more cash and therefore more RP impact. 

Solar War 
Get +RP for destroying any opposition ships in the solar war. Eg, if you destroy Steel Song ships, you get +RP with Rychart.
Get +XP and +RP for any blockades you do during solar war. Eg, if you blockade Steel Song, you get XP and +RP with Rychart

-RP for attacking any merchant or smuggler ships of an allied faction. Eg, attack a Steel Song merchant ship, get -RP with Javat. NOTE, destroying a SS ship will not give you MORE -RP with Javat, but will give you -RP with SS.
NOTE2 - attack a SS pirate and you don't get -RP with SS, but you do get -RP with Javat. You will still get -RP with SS if you destroy the pirate.

Apparently if you get -RP with one allied faction, there is an impact to another, but I haven't seen (or noticed) it other than the attacking ships thing. 

Trade Alliance
Get +RP with Trade Allied factions for trading in RESTRICTED goods (Artifacts, Weapons, Electronics). Eg1, sell Artifacts at Cadar results in +RP with Thulun. Eg2. Sell Artifacts at Thulun results in +RP with Thulun AND Rychart, BUT -RP with Javat. Eg3. Sell Crystals with Thulun. No +RP with any faction, but -RP with Javat due to the Trade Embargo.

Spy Battle
++RP selling records to a faction in Spy war with another. -RP to that other faction. In your example, no-one is in Spy War, so no -RP impact. If Cadar and DeValtos were in a Spy Battle, and you sell records to Cadar there would be an extra RP bonus to Cadar, but -RP to DeValtos.

Duel of Assassins
You get more money for Bounty Hunter contracts, and ++RP for completing the missions. 

The range of factional effects are a single degree of separation. What you do to one faction affects the factions they are in conflict/alliance with. The effects do not radiate to subsequent factions. In your example,
Selling electronics to Cadar results in +RP with Thulun. You don't get any -RP just because Thulun and Javat have a Trade Embargo.

Thanks SlayerNZ


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