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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG Updated for iPhone and iPad

The latest update to the space-simulation and trading RPG +Star Traders RPG by the +Trese Brothers is now available on the Apple App Store, iTunes.

Play Star Traders RPG for free on your iPad or iPhone

The latest version has many updates for new and old players alike. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed +Cory Trese with suggestions and reports of issues.

v4.1.3 - 7/23/2013

  • 'Take Max' Button in Combat Victory
  • Added Urban Zone Rating Display
  • Fixed Rumor Text Cut Off Issue
  • Added Display of Wanted Flags
  • Updated Help File and Officers
  • Fixed Bugs with Alien Ships
  • Fixed Combat Victory Bugs
  • Fixed Reported iPad Issues
  • New Ship: Lance Freighter
  • New Ship: Tiberia Runner
  • New Ship: Pirate Dreadnought
  • New Ship: Flagship Dreadnought
  • New Ship: Aquarius Class
  • New Ship: Vector Cruiser
  • 6 Additional New Ships
  • Fixed Typos with New Character Ships
  • Fixed Bugs with Shortage Endings


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