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Cyber Knights is Coming

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What is Age of Pirates RPG?

What is different about Age of Pirates?

  • Story driven exploration and trading RPG
  • Released for Android on July 12, 2013
  • Deployed using Google Play and Amazon App Store
  • A new team member for Trese Brothers +Derrick Nau 
  • Unique commodity trade engine
  • The game play is more story driven than our previous trading RPGs.
  • There are storylines and new character development elements.
  • Character can recruit named officers with storylines and sub-quests.
  • Your Captain can capture towns, shift the balance of power.
  • Your Captain can get a cool sword
  • Age of Pirates has been under development for over 10 months
  • Trese Brothers brings in new art talent for Age of Pirates
  • Combines Star Trader's successful trading engine with Cyber Knights story teller engine
  • Expansive Map (130K sectors in Alpha, total plan 700K sectors)
  • Character-based storylines and game goals (sandbox mode optional)
  • Fine grained new game and difficulty control


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