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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v1.3.7

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This update for Cyber Knights RPG is a big one in terms of game balance and rules updates. Featuring major changes to the heat, ranged combat and re-spawn systems the changes are designed to make the game faster, more fun and easier to play for new an expert knights alike.

v1.3.7 - 8/5/2013

  • Improved Android 4.3 Crash Protection
  • Added New Nexus 7 Workarounds
  • Less Damage From Domes
  • Less Damage from Terrorist Attacks
  • Less Damage from Toxic Leaks / Clouds
  • Terrorist Attacks Less Common
  • Revised Respawn Regions for all maps
  • Fixed Bugs with Camera Following
  • Improved Ranged Weapon Accuracy / To Hit Rules
  • Contract Heat System More Difficulty Aware
  • Combat Result Heat System More Difficulty Aware
  • Fixed Reported Crashes for Android 4.x
  • Fixed Reported Crashes for Android 2.x
  • Improved Performance on Tablets
  • Added New Menu Buttons for Combat and Map
  • Improved Full Screen Performance

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