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Star Traders In-App Purchases FAQ

An Unlock is a piece of game content (like a ship or upgrade) that becomes available in game after you accomplish an Award on a certain Difficulty. Once you have an Unlock it makes the game content available to all your Captains and on all Difficulties.

So what are you selling?

A shortcut that gives you all of the Unlocks immediately, for all your Captains, on all your devices, forever. You get 44 Unlocks for $4.99 which is about $0.12 per Unlock.

What if I do not want to buy?

No problem! I totally understand and, honestly, getting all the Awards is the best part of Star Traders. I suggest you start with 'Quick Contracts' I and II first. After that 'Doom Reaper I' and 'Rapid Rank I' are fast and fairly easy. You will Unlock new starting Ships and upgrades if you play them on Challenging and Hard. Contact me if you get stuck.

How do I contact you?

My brother Andrew and I are on the player's forum ( almost every day. If you need to speak with me directly you can e-mail me at

Did you recently add Unlocks?

No, they have been in the game for over two years.  I get to play enough that I achieve all the Awards on Insane or Impossible for each weekend's release. This type of testing is critical to keeping the game balanced and bug free. Andrew has gotten most of the Awards but honestly, he is better at Templar Assault than Star Traders.

Can you explain the different editions and features?

Absolutely! I made these counts from v5.1.13.

Starting Ships6912
Rank Ships7810
Active Rumors51212
Map Sectors48423042304


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