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Heroes of Steel - Challenge Bridge

Today, we have been working on the enemy AI in Heroes of Steel.  It was passable before, doing a decent job fighting but we've got a lot of devious plans and need it to be functioning at a high level to make sure the challenge level in Heroes of Steel is right to force the characters to bet at the top of their strategy.

It's been a good day for progress, including exciting milestones like enemies shooting ranged weapons!  Here you can see a couple of screenshots of my group approaching a place in one of our test maps that we have dubbed Challenge Bridge.  It's a nasty place with a couple of vantage points with enemy archers holding the far side, and with the new improvements to the AI, it's suddenly become a scary place.

Here we are prepping for the charge, warming up with a few empowerment buffs.

A turn or two later, the Outlander was leading charge across the bridge but had to start falling back as the arrows were raining down.  It's a little too dark to see everything that is happening (read yesterday's post about Dungeon Lighting) , but from those rocky promenades on either side of the bridge, the Ratkin are hammering my team with arrows.  Yes -- that's my blood all over the bridge!  

After the final charge, we cleaned up and laid waste to the filthy rodents!  You can see in the HUD just how badly it cost the group, and in fact -- the Outlander and Cleric both died once fighting our way across.  With the current Simple Death rules that we have in place, they just respawned nearby ... so, you might say I didn't even beat Challenge Bridge!  Yesterday, I would have waltzed across and slaughtered ... so it's been an exciting day of progress and lots more to come!


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