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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Emotive Dialogs

Heroes of Steel is bringing forward the next generation story system from Trese Brothers.  We've learned from our other games -- Age of Pirates, Cyber Knights, and Templar Assault -- which all include stories or campaigns, and packed those lessons into Heroes of Steel.

On top of adding dialog trees, a choice system that will be much more prevalent throughout the game, and the ability to chain story events together one after another, we've also enabled emotive dialog.  This exciting change allows a character to change their expression -- sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly -- to hints to how they are feeling or reacting to the lines of dialog.

Both your four characters and the other people within the game world will be able to employ emotive dialog, so this is something I am really excited in trying out.

For example, in this case, the Outlander does not mind talking about laying the hurt down on the ratkin menace that is threatening the town.

But he does start to get a little shifty when you ask him about his past.  It's a subtle change, but its an important principle to have from the start when building a story!  It's already exciting to see even these subtle changes in character's expression in the system!

I will work on covering some of the other story system changes in a future blog post!


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