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Heroes of Steel - Doors and Locks

Over the last two days we have filled in a few of the major game systems that will drive map interaction for Heroes of Steel -- traps, doors, chests, loot, and locks.  These additions have been really exciting to see coming to life, as they will define a number of the most interesting Talents for different characters in the game.

I will follow up with a blog post in the next few days on loot and traps, but today I wanted to show off some door mojo!

First, we've been hard at work on the Dungeon Lighting system we mentioned last week.  We've got it working correctly with doors now and you can see that they stop your vision and don't let the light under the door frame anymore!

That's just a regular door.  It can be opened with the spend of a single action point and a touch and your sight spills through it like beams of light.

Then, there are locked doors.  Lock doors cannot be opened until they are first unlocked.  Your Thief or Rogue character will be best equipped to pick the locks on doors (or chests) with her Precision Pick talent.  This will make a skill roll against the difficulty of the lock on the door, augmented by the level of her talent.

Trying to pick a door lock will eat up a lot of Action Points and a moderate amount of Spirit Points, so it isn't something you'll want to fail often.  And, if you are trying to pick the lock under pressure (the enemy is closing in!) you'll need to get it very quickly.

Finally, and possibly most exciting is that doors can also be locked by other means -- they need you to bring a specific key item to them, or you need to access a switch, level, or some other trigger in another part of the map to open the door.  This means we have real "story door" capabilities and these will be powerful tools for us as the Heroes of Steel story is continued to be built out!

A few other notes -- your Wizard or Sorcerer character can both invest in one their talents, Warding Words, that would allow them to unlock locks as well, if you want to focus your Thief or Rogue on other capabilities.   Also, we will be very careful with our use of locked doors with high difficulty ratings so that we aren't locking a group of characters out of a story arc because the player decided not to invest enough Talent points in Precision Pick!  But, lots of optional content, side quests, and other goodies might behind some very difficulty doors, so it will be a valuable talent to train on at least one of your characters!


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