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Heroes of Steel - Rest and Recovery

In the Heres of Steel underdeep, your heroes will spend a large percentage of their time exploring, fighting, and bleeding through caverns, enemy checkpoints, and muddy cisterns.  It's tiring work -- so when the time is right and you get the opportunity, it will be very important to rest and recover.

There will be three tiers of rest and recovery in Heroes of Steel -- Resting, Camping, and Staying at an Inn.

Why three tiers and what are the differences?  Well, let's talk about it, but let's start with the easiest and safest option.

Staying at an Inn is something you do in any of the town scattered around the underdeep.  You might find a town or two that doesn't have a rest for travelers, but every town with some level of hospitality with offer such a place.  In the town, you are safe so you have no worries about being attacked while you rest.  At a town, you also have free access to time and the town's resources, and so this is the only recovery option in which you are able to train your Heroes.  You will gain levels while purging the underdeep, but the advancement points you garner can't be spent until you get back to a town, an inn, and some serious safe down time.
Staying at an Inn
Resting is the least safe option, but the quickest to use.  You Rest anytime you are in the underdeep and your group is not actively engaged with enemies.  So, even in dangerous territory, you can take a few to catch your breath and recover some Spirit and Health points to prepare your group for the next obstacle.

The danger with Resting is that there is always a chance that enemies will discover you and attack.  You're taking a calculated risk to recover some SP / HP, but while you will get the recovery, you may end up in a fight you hadn't planned on having.

The third option is Camping.  Throughout the sprawling underdeep, there are old and forgotten places, and many of them are protected by ancient powers or lost from the known paths of the enemy.  In these places you will find Camping Circles, safe locations where your group can rest and recover your Health and Spirit fully, and without the risk of being attacked during the rest.

Camping Circles will often be closed when they are first discovered, and you will have the challenge of bringing an offering or completing a quest before they can be used.  I am really excited about this combination of exploration, discovery and the secondary challenge of opening some circles that are in critical positions.  This will make the map design even more interesting, and as a Camping Circle might be what makes it possible to launch a successful assault against a boss' layer, at times they will be very important to open before you can move forward!


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