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Heroes of Steel - Rocks the iPad and Android Tablets

From the very beginning of the Heroes of Steel project, the Epic Platform Pack stretch goal -- that we would build the game for iOS, Android, and OUYA devices -- was a bit scary.  We made the huge decision in the last week of the KickStarter to move the stretch goal down from $50,000 to $20,000, which was a big gamble on our part.  But -- we listened to the community and the number of people who wanted to get excited about Heroes, but needed it on their iOS device, was very conclusive.

After moving the goal down, the community pulled together in a major way and pushed us over the $20,000 mark.  Epic Platform Pack achieved!  It added probably 3 or 4 months to the timeline to produce the game, but it is paying off in such major ways that Cory and I can no longer imagine Heroes of Steel without this critical stretch goal.  

Here are some beautiful screenshots from our testing iPad and you can see how Heroes of Steel is such a natural for the Android tablet or iPad screen size.  It just fits!

With all the work we've put into the engine, it fits just as well onto a small phone, but you've got naturally less space.  Things scale down and you'll get a great experience there too.

But playing around on our test tablets and iPad made it really clear -- the game, the map, and the art all shine when you've got them on a bigger screen!  

Thanks again to all of our backers who made this possible.  Everything you've seen that is awesome in Heroes of Steel (animation, equipment changing your character model, exploding fireballs, smooth scrolling on the screen, flying arrows) is actually all made possible by this single stretch goal.

How very nice.  Our hats are off to you, KickStarter backers!


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